Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The good weeks and the bad weeks...

Well i guess its true, you have your good weeks and your bad weeks! This week was a bad week for sure!!!!!!!!

It started out with Elder Duran being super sick this whole week!!! We didnt work tuesday, left the pension for 4 hours on wednesday then returned back to the hosue, didnt work thursday and finally worked friday! IT sucks being in the pension sick this much in a week!!!! And thats not all. Oh not even close to all!! THERES MORE :)
So you know those 4 hours that we left the house on wednesday?? Well yah in those 4 hours people broke into our house and robbed us... we think they were wathcing us for a while now because they happened to know exactly when we werent in the house... super lame! They stole my Camera which is the absoulute worst! My speaker which is super lame, both pairs of soccer cleats i had, one from the united states and the other that Lalo gave to me as a gift! That was super sucky and telling him was super hard! We were both super sad!!! ANd then they stole quite a bit of money... SO ya we had a rough week....

But to talk about the good!!(Always have to think positivley) Bethania went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead!!!! 2 weeks after her baptism and she was already in the temple!!! Sooooo cool!!!! And we got the opportunity to go with her!!!!! it was sooooo dope!!!!!! FIrst time for me baptizing in the temple, confirming in the temple, and being a witness as well!  Super awesome experience!!!!!

Well ill try my best to have a better week for you all haha! Trasfers are the next week so ill let you know where I go! (Im pretty sure I will be leaving Carlos Paz after these amazing 6 months.....) Love you all! Obviously dont have any pictures.... sorry all!
Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Got to see MTC companion and roomate!!  Elder Rogerson and Elder Hansen ... just missing Elder Man :(

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