Tuesday, June 13, 2017


6 MONTHS!!!!!! Yes this last wednesday i completed 6 months in the mission!!!! Super crazy to think about that! Already one 4th of the way completed with my mission. Super crazy how fast time goes by! And for my 6 meses I burned a tie which was super fun!! But yah thats how my week started out and it just got better!!!

BAPTISM FOR BETHANIA!!!!!! This week was super awesome!!!! Bethania was baptized on saturady and the service was great! So only 4 members showed up.... but an investigator came too and she felt the spirit super strong which was awesome!!! The spirit was amazing before, during, and after the ordenance! Seeing success in the mission makes every hard long day worth it!!

We are having another baptism this friday for Sonia! So a little more about Sonia, she has been investigating the church for 9 years and basically all her family are members. So yes we are super excited for her to finally accept this message and make a change in her life! 

Funny story of the week!!!!
Sorry mom this story might embarrass you a little but but it was super funny for elder duran and I! So we were in a super dope lesson this last week with a family we are teaching! Coming to the end of the lesson the grandma gets up from the table super fast! And in perfect silence, she lets out a loud 2 second fart..... all of us in the room just stare and are silent.... the grandma turned around and ran as fast as she could out of the room without saying a thing... Elder Duran and I and the 2 daughters in the room all started dying laughing! It was super funny and also super sad for the abuela hahahaha! but yah pretty funny for us!

Love you all! Talk to you all next week!!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

 6 month tie burning


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