Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Voice of the Spirit

So this week we had a very crazy experience!!!! We have been teaching the wife of a member in the ward for 4 months now trying to prepare her for baptism. Sonia, and she has been super stubborn the entire time! She wants to get baptized but she always has had this doubt about the book of mormon... We have explained so many times how she can get her answer she just has never done it...

But this Sunday we have a lesson with her and we start reading Chapter 29 of 2 Nefi which talks about the importance of the Bible and the Book of mormon. Randomly during reading the chapters she says, "Elder Zaugg, you said there was a scripture in the >Bible that talks about another book with the words of God?" I never said anything of the sort but said, ok sure ya there is in Ezekiel 37:15-17 and we read this with here and explained it!
She understood it perfectly! it was awesome! We then continue reading the chapter in 2 Nefi and in the middle of reading of verse she stops, looks at her calender, and says, "But I cant be baptized the 10th." This totally caught us off guard! We werent talking anything about baptism or anything! Then she says, " But i could be baptized the 16th!" We were so shocked! My smile on my face was HUGE!!!!!! No one in the room mentioned or invited her to be baptized and we never mentioned this date when we have been with her... Later after this lesson Elder Duran and I are talking and we are convinced that she heard the voice of the Lord. The Holy Ghost literally spoke to her and gave her this date to be baptized and she thought that we had said it! The power of the Holy Ghost is real and is the only way one can really be converted to this Gospel!

So ya this was the best experience of the week for me here in Argentina! Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Rugby on Pday

ELDER MOONEYHAM- we made some bomb pancakes because we slept in same pension last night. He was in the MTC with me
Cactus remind me of Arizona


Elder Duran hits the 1 year mark.  Shirt Burning

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