Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It Finally Happened

Well im sure you are all wondering what finally happened!!! It probably sounds like its going to be something super dope and exciting right?? Wrong... I finally got sick!! hahaha! Tuesday night last week I started feel pretty sick. Wednesday was terrible... i had a 104 degree fever with the flu... My body has no lie never felt worse hahaha!  It was a crazy day. I laid in bed the entire day trying to sleep but not because of the pain lol! But good news, im doing a ton better now!!

This week was pretty fun! I finally had my first ASADO!!!! It was sooooo good! SO much food and so much meat!!! I love the food here in argentina its soooo good! This was elder Alvarez´s last week so the weekend was like all visiting familys hes going to miss which wasnt the most fun but we did have a few aweseome lessons! One was with Marcela!

Marcela is around 40 years old and the mother of 2 kids. Shes divorced. We had an amazing lesson with her on saturday! She was asking a ton of awewsome questions. She wasnt super sure if she wanted to hear more lessons in the beginning but now she definitily does. At the end of the lesson i said a prayer. And im not really sure what i said in the prayer but when I said amen, i looked up and she was crying! She felt the spirit so strong it was awesome! We are going to continue teaching her and try and get her to come to church this week!

Elder Alvarez left today! Hes going home! Crazy how he has already been here for 2 years and ive only been here for 6 week lol! But my new comp is, Drum Roll Please, ELDER DURAN! He is from Chile, has 9 months in the mission and only speaks Spanish! I am super excited to be comps with him! He is going to be super hard workers I think! And this will force me to learn spanish a lot faster!! 

But this week was finally the week I have been waiting for! I finally feel like I can understand people a lot better and have conversations with them! I talked to 5 people at an investigators house for 1.5 hours with out my comp to traslate and it went great! My comp was talking to these other people in the same house! So yah i am starting to feel better with the language finally!

Well i love you all! I hope everything is going well! Remember if you are having a rough day you can always rely on the savior for help! He will never let us go though a trial alone! He is always right there begging us to let him help! All we have to do is ask for the help! I know Jesus Christ loves me and loves all of you! He suffered for us so that we would never have to be alone! Dont ever think you have to go through trials alone! 

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg



Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weird week . WEEK 11

Well this week was awesome at times! We have found a few potentially great investigators! I will keep you updated on how it all turns out lol! Unfortunately, Elder Alvarez got sick this week and we had to stay in the pension for 2 days... it was lame but I got a ton of time to study and learn a ton haha! 

The night he got sick turned out to be a blessing tho haha! We went back to the pension around 3 in the afternoon and he rested while i studied. At around 7 or 8 at night a huge storm came and rained a ton! Then Hailed a ton!!!! Which is super weird because it was like 80 degrees haha! But the hail was insane!! For like 30 mins straight it was so loud! Some of the ice balls were no lie the size of golf balls!!! Hahaha it was awesome lol! So the reason i said him getting sick was a blessing was because if he didn't, we would have been out proselyting in short sleeve shirts getting nailed by golf balls being hit from Heaven above! Hahaha slight glad he got a little sick... haha no Im kidding it really sucks being stuck in the house!

But we did work a lot harder this week the days that we could work which was awesome! I love finding people to teach and people to talk to! I had a super cool experience at lunch with some members this week! The entire time, I felt like i understood what was going on and was able to talk and laugh with them! It was super awesome to finally talk and laugh with the people down here  I definitely am still struggling hard core with the language but that lunch was a tender mercy!!

Hope all is going well up there in the states! I heard there was a bunch of rain! So awesome! Love you all!

Con Amor,

Elder Zaugg

 It was hailing in 80 degree weather, super cool!

 Elder Alvarez

My fluit fly trap. So the storm we had brought in a ton of these guys into our house. That was just 3 hours after making the trap. There were over 150 in the cup HAHAHAHA gotta love fruit flys...

Practicing my drawing.....Had a lot of time in the pension this week with a sick companion

Argentine History Horse march thing. No idea but it was super cool!

 Sons of Mama Salgado

 This dope dam and river thing we went to today for Pday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rough Week

Well this week wasn't the best.... Again, no one showed up to church... Super disappointing... We didn't teach many lessons because of appointments with members. But its all good! We are going to work harder this week and really focus on teaching more people!

This week did end on a great note though! Yesterday we had a meeting with the Vilta Family at 7. Same family of Valentina the girl i baptized! The problem was they were not answering their phone... so we decided to not go because it would be a waste of money if they weren't home. Last minute, my comp felt like we had to go so we went and got there around 7:30. They weren't home but her grandson who is 11 was home. His name is Allen. We talked to him for around an hour and he wants to be baptized! So as long as he come to church this sunday he will be baptized the next Tuesday! God works in mysterious ways and I am so glad the spirt convinced us to go this house!

Honestly Im sorry but not much happened this week. I learned how to make flan which is sooooo good! Its super easy to make too! Hopefully we have a better week with more interesting stuff next week for you all! Love you all! Enjoy your week!

Con Amor,

Elder Zaugg

 Matis painted these for me! 15 year old in the ward

 Found a Z so I had to rep

 Abuela Salgado who taught me to make flan, sure love her!

 It was pouring rain!!!!
The Flan I learned to make
 Cosquin for Pday
Pday with the other elders
 View from the Bishop's house
At Bishop's house

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

God works in mysterious ways!!!

Well this week was great and also a bummer!

So remember Nora y Walter, well we taught them again and their daugther Jenny with her friend Natasha and the lesson went amazing again! They all promised to come to church if they didn't have work and to be baptized! Walked out of that lesson on the top of the world! But when it finally got to Sunday they didn't show up... I think they had work but I guess we will have to find out when we go back to them tomorrow!

But Saturday was a crazy day. So since the misiĆ³n broadcast last week we have been able to sleep an extra hour each day! We dont go to bed until around 11 but sleep until 730 which is so awesome! But so we got up extra early so that we could go to a service for a member in the Ward. The night before it rained. This will come into play later. But unfortunately we left our house a Little late and right before we left I grabbed 10 pesos which is nothing and wasn't planning on using it for anything. I had no idea why i grabbed it I just did. and  we 00ended up being 15 mins late for service. When we got there no one was there. We called around and found out it got cancelled because of the rain. This was a 55 min walk to this service haha. So we were pretty bummed... so we start walking back and its like raining to make the day even worse lol! While walking we pass by this guy and about 30 seconds later we turn around and go back. E. Alvarez felt the Holy Ghost which I did not feel. Man am I glad for him as a comp! But we go back and talk to this homeless guy that has had a really rough life. He wants to change it and get baptized we just have to get him to come to church. We ended up giving him some money, the money that i didn't know why I was grabbing it and a jacket because he needed it more tan us. But just to see the crazy way that God Works ill go over it super simply.
1. Service gets announced.
2. It rains all night.
3, We wake up late and get to service late.
4. Service is cancelled because of the rain.
5. We start walking back in the pouring rain.
6.Find the homeless guy and give him the money and jacket. Only ran into him bc we left for the service late. A reason for everything.

But ya a lot of things happend for us to run into this man! Im not sure if he will get baptized or not but God sure does work in Mysterious ways!

Con Amor,

Elder Zaugg

The guy in the Chelsea #10 jersey was in Paraguay with Brody serving a mission.  He had to return home to Argenina for a little while to have surgery on his elbow and then will be going back to Paraguay.  What a tender mercy that of all the places Cutter could get sent he got sent to where this guy lives.  Now both my boys love this missionary! 

A 15 year old kid in our Ward is a crazy good artist!!! He is going to paint me something this month! 

 Elder Gonzales, he is from Peru and came to Cordoba with me! He speaks super good english and is so dope!

 On sunday we did our weekly planning. And since no elders here have clearned out the book for the last 10 years it took us 5 hours..... holy crap it was so long hahahah. I had to write down names and addresses and other stuff from every one of the papers lol!
So here they don't actually have pancakes... but we made them with a family for desert and put dulce de leche on top! Holy cow it was the greatest thing ever!!!!

 Cutter thinks a bidet is the best invention!!  I think the toilet looks gross!

 A look at his apartment