Saturday, November 4, 2017

working working working

Sorry about not sending anything out this past Tuesday! We didn't have a Pday... again.... we seriously haven't had a pday all transfer basically hahaha! 5 out of the last 6 pdays we were working on the house that yes, we finally moved out of! So today we get a PDAY! :)

So about this house we just moved out of, I learned so much from this experience!
 1. If you can do it yourself, do it! Until it gets to the point where you don´t know what you are doing! Hahaha we worked so hard on this house starting the first week of October! And in the end, the owner didn't even except it all... Super Lame hahaha! So yah, don't just rush into something without knowing what the owner actual wants. Ask them first loL!
2. Men can clean too. Honeslty before the mission, my Mom just cleaned everything for me and my family! But something I learned from my Mission President is how great it is to be a hard worker! it doesn´t matter the task, if it needed to be done, he was the first to start doing it! He really is the greatest example to me of a hard worker! We cleaned some of the grossest things you could imagine, something i would not have done before the mission hahaha! (just imagine 2 years of missionaries living in a house without cleaning it for those 2 years.... ya gross) Out of the 5 days of the week, this week, we worked for around 12-15 hours 4 days this week! hahaha it was a little nuts but it had to be done lol!
3. And honeslty another great thing I learned is how important it is to read the contract of a house, car, ect... The contract is super important when you are thinking about renting something! make sure that all the things in the contract are actually correct! and if there is a problem with the house before! Note that defect so that when you have to turn in the house, the real estate agency can't just try to steal money from you!

So yup that was my week these past 2 weeks! Working working working! It kinda stinks because we haven´t been to our area since monday night for like an hr but its all good! We will work hard this week coming up! Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lets title this week.....

Hey everyone!!! This week was a pretty solid week I must say! We are still super busy with our house repairs and should be finishing up this week I hope! Starting tomorrow we are going to paint the entire house which is like 6 pretty big rooms and all the celings. It will probably take until like Saturday or Monday! I hope we can just finish before the next tuesday because we havent had a Pday in the last 3 weeks..... and our of the 5 tuesdays this trasfer, we have only had 1 pday.... hahahaha so thats fun 👍

So the reason I say this week went pretty well is because we had people in the church this sunday! We had the Frontera Family ( except the dad ) and then 2 of their neighbors too! It was super awesome! I love this family so much already! Church went super well! We honestly should have had more people there but every Argentine had to vote for something on Sunday and if they didnt they got finned.... so a few people didnt come :( 

So this week one of the kids we are teaching, Jeremias, asked the funniest question! He asked, "Elder Zaugg, does Satan have sins?" Haha it was honestly such a pure hearted question from a kid thats 9 years old! It was super funny in the moment but afterwards Vaz and I were talking about it and we realized how pure children really are. They see the good in everyone and really do want to learn! I love these kids we are teaching so much and am learning a lot from them as well!

So i was reading this week in Alma 30 and I love verse 8!

 For thus saith the scripture: Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve.

Obviously this life is full of challenges. Sometimes we will want to take the easy way out and perhaps break a commandment. The reason I love this scripture is becuase if we choose now whom we will serve, we will always have the Lords blessings to be with us! 

Well i love you all! And i hope everything is going amazing back home! Feel free to write me if you would like! If not, no worries haha I love you anyways! 

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

From Worst to Best

Well lets just say this week was worse than finals week for the amount of things we had to do but wow did it turn out to be an amazing week!!!

Ok so in the office I am the financial Elder. My comp, Elder Vaz, is in charge of paying all the rents and services and everything like that. So from the 1st of the month to the 10th we have to pay all the rents and services or else the misionaries get fined more money. So this week for 4 days straight we left at 9 oclock in the morning and from this time to around 5 or 6 in the afternoon we were out driving from place to place paying this stuff! I think I drove over 20 hours this week hahahaha it was insane! And on top of that, our contract for the house we are in right now is expiring so we have to clean up and repair the house we are in right now! so yup lets just say this week was super insane! we litteraly never stoppped! when we finished the work of the day in the office we rushed to our area for usually only 1-2 hours a day! it is never fun to have such little time in the area but I definitly saw some miracle this week!

So even with only about 5 hours in the field this entire week, we were blessed with 2 baptisms! Lautaro Bustamante and Lautaro Segura! 2 kids that are 9 and 10 years old! They are so awesome! Both baptisms went so well! The first one was on thursday and the other one on sunday! Heavenly Father is always watching us! He saw how hard we were working this week and the stress that we had and he blessed us with success! I know that if we do the things he asks us to do, he will bless us! We are not alone in the life, we just need to follow His plan and not our own!

So one of the coolest things ive ever heard happened after Lautaro Segura's baptism! unfortunatly our missionary leader of the ward filled up the font with water and he filled it up with freezing cold water. Im not sure what he was thinking but the water was super cold! i was a little nervous for Lautaro but we obviously went through with it. After the baptism we get out into the bathroom to change and Lautaro is shivering and can barely talk but he stops and says to me, "Even tho the water was freezing, I loved MY baptism!" Honestly I think the biggest smile ever appered on my face! 

I love the mission so much and especcially helping amazing people like Lautaro find the truth! The mission has not changed who I am but it has changed how I am! I am so much happier now on the mission than before and know that the mission is the best place for anyone old enough to serve! If you are thinking about serving and are 18 do it! If you are thinking about serving and are 24 do it! There really is not anything better than a mission for your life! Love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

So for a pday today we got up a little early and painted our house! we painted for about 5 hours and then started cleaning up other stuff and ended up cleaning up our pool we have out back! It was hoenstly the grossest pool i have ever seen! I am sad that we didnt take the picture earlier... this was about half way through cleaning it out when we took the picture. it was so much worse hahaha! We cleaned it for like 2 hours so heres some pics of my fun pday 👍

this is a picture of Lautaro Bustamante! he was baptized on thursday! hes also such an awesome kid!! :)

Ok so you all understand! We had 2 baptisms this week! Their names are both Lautaro! hahaha this is Lautaro Segura! After his baptism on sunday we went to his house and had an asado and I made a Pasta Frola which is kinda like a big pie looking thing with the help of his mom Jimena! It was  super awesome!!! we took a lot of pics hahaha! ill send more

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Conference was the BOM!

Well this week I was left on my own..... I am now the not in my training for Financial Secretary of the mission... And i actually like it a ton so far! I am really blessed for the oportunity to learn all the things I am learning right now!! Its going to help me a ton in the future not only if I want to do anything with buisness and money but just keeping my self on task and making sure everything is done the right way! My grandpa always told me, whats the point of doing something if you arent going to do it right! I love that saying and it is super true for me right now!! 

So conference this week was the BOM!!!!! And BOM because the talk on the BOM was my favorite one!!! Elder Callister from the Seventy really made it quite clear how true the Book of Mormon! I love the Book of Mormon so much and love it when it just makes sense that its true! And thats exactly what Elder Callister did, make it logical that the Book of Mormon really is the word of God and will help us come closer to him and his son Jesus Christ!

Another great talk was the final talk by Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the 12! He really summed up conference perfectly and it amazed me how he even did it about talks that were so fresh from that session!! I am amazed how strong the Spirit can be and how they can listen to it so well! I know that every person, if they feel like they didnt as of now, will get a confirmation of this church from this General Conference if you just watch it with an open heart and mind! That really is the key to everything! Heavenly Father does want to confirm everything to us but we need to do our part and have an open heart and mind to what he is saying!

So i love you all so much and would love to hear your favorite talks!!! Also I want to invite you all to take one point from Conference and share it with someone that needs it! I know this church is true and that is why im sharing this message here in Argentina! It doesnt matter if we are missionaries, members are whole lives, or recent converts. When we know it is true we need to share it with the world! I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week! 

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

So we totally made office jerseys here! And im pretty happy with how they came out! Love you all! Ill look for more fotos to send!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I'm tired and don't want to think of a title

So this was probably one of the longest and fastest weeks of my life! Now to explain what i mean... So this week we had 2 conferences for the mission! One day half the mission came and the next the other half! Now these days are pretty normal for missionaries but when youre in the office they are super busy hahaha! We basically have to make sure everything is ready and then the days of the conferences we are super busy. We also dont really sleep too much those days so that doesnt help... So these 2 days go by super fast but they also feel super long hahaha! Then we also had transfers this week. So as the financiero I have to help a ton of missionaries buy ticketes for their new areas. So i got to the terminal at around 930 and was working non stop until around 12! It was super busy and a little chaotic hahahaha! So yah i had some crazy busy days this week in the office and with all that I still managed to get to the area and have a solid week!
So this was my last week with Elder Saez! Hes been training me for the past 6 weeks to be the Financiero and now today he left me all alone... hahaha so now i gotta make decisions on my own which should be fun haha! I loved this trasfer with Elder Saez tho! he was a super dope comp!! My new comp is elder Vaz! He is from Brazil! He is a stud! We get along so great! I can already tell we are going to go ham this transfer! i am way excited!!! 
So enough about that stuff... this week was awesome for a few reasons! We had 2 investigators in the church this Sunday! Lautaro, a kid that came 2 weeks ago, and Azul, who came with her family who are members. We are reactivating the family after 2 years of not coming! I love the family so much already! They are super awesome! we ate dinner with them this week and they told us it was the first time they ever had the missionaries over for dinner! It was super awesome! the kids love us so much! They are alwasy so happy when we come over and i love that!
One thing I learned hard core this week is the importance of hard work and serving others. I know a lot of the time we are naturally selfish people and dont want to do things for others. But this week by constantly helping the other 180 missionaries each day, I can honeslty say that one feels a lot happier after serving someone else. Sometimes we don´t realize it right away but its true! Service is a great way to make others happier and in turn it makes us happier too! I love the mission so much and am so happy for all the things i have learned here! I know this work is the most important thing I could be doing right now and am so proud to be able to put on my plaque every day and serve the Lord!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Holy Ghost

This week definitly ended with a bang!!!! So we got 6 people to come to church this week!! Pablo, Jimena and their son Lautaro came and then another family of 3 kids Rocio, Jasmin and Dylan! It was super awesome to have people in church! I am super excited to keep teaching them this week and this next trasfer!

So I had some pretty awesome moments this week! Lately I have been wanting to feel the spirit more when I was testifing in lessons and stuff like that and this week I definitly felt it super strong! So we were talking with the mom of Lautaro a few days ago! She had said before that she didnt think Lautaro was ready to be baptized. She wasn´t going to let him even if he wanted to. So we went back a few days later and began teaching her a little bit then testifing of all the great things that come from baptism! The spirt was so strong when I began to testify of my experiences and how greatful I am for the Gift of the Holy Ghost!! She started to cry and in the end aggreed that Lautaro needs to be baptized!

I love the spirit so much and how it can change peoples hearts! Once we let it in, it will change  us! There is nothing we can do about it! The Holy Ghost is a purifier of our souls! Anything it touches, it changes and makes it better! I know I was never really good at following its quiet promptings before the mission but I am sure glad for how much it has changed me through the years! I want to testify that It really can change us completly! Even our own desires! If you just let it into your hearts you will be happier and fell the love of Christ!

We are currently working to marry Pablo and Jimena so please pray for us on that one! Also for the kids we are teaching! I love you all so much and hope you have the best week ever! Talk to you all soon! 
Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

From the humanitarian day when they rented out a soccer stadium for special needs.  He love serving this way!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Not sure what to title this one.... Funny Rejections? No se

Well another great week! Honestly the mission is so much fun! I love this work so much and am so blessed to be here in Argentina serving these amazing people!

So we are always finding a ton of amazing people to teach and finally this week we started finding some of these people again!! It is awesome to consistently teach some people! The first person is Lautaro! He is 9 years old and seriously loves us! He waits for us at his house everyday so he can learn more! He is so awesome! He came to Chruch for the first time this week and loved it! I am so excited to keep teaching him! I love finding people that are actually eager to learn more and happy to talk with  us! He really is a blessing to teach! 

Another couple we are teaching is Pablo and Jimena with their son, also Lautaro, but a different lautaro haha! We found Pablo from talking with his son first! Pablo loves it when we come over! Hes seriously such a nice guy! Every night we go over there he lets us in and feeds us! So humble and so kind! (Also thats a dope song by Tim Mcgraw)

We had some pretty funny rejections this week which is also funny! One girl opened her door looks at us and says, "Oh i thought it was someone actually important!" And then closed the door and walked back in side hahahahaha i was dying! Seriously the first time someone said that to me haha! A different guy comes to the open door and we talk for like 10 seconds and then he just slowly disappears back into his house without saying anything... hahaha seriously some weird contacts this week lol! 

There is a family in our ward here that is seriously so awesome! Familia Castro! They are converts from about 3 years ago! They are from Peru but have lived her for a long time now! They have a large van and they help us bring investigadors to the church every week! It is seriously so helpful! And the hermana, Maribel, loves the missionaries so much! She makes sure we have lunch almost every day and we eat with the family like 2 times each week! Peruvian food is sooooo good! Its always rice with something else but i love it! I love this family so much already!

So something I learned in my mission and a felt it a ton this week is that the Spirit is the best feeling in the world! And I never feel the spirit as stong as I do when I am testifing of this gospel! Its honestly such an amazing feeling and I want all of you to feel it too! So please share your testimonies with someone, a friend or someone at work, so that you all can feel the joy that makes all missionaries around the world give up 2 years of their life to serve others far from their homes! Love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg
1. Walking to church with Lautaro! Dopest kid ever!
2 and 4. We had a Pollo al disco with a member family in the ward on sunday!!! So good 😍​
3. Familia Castro, well just Maribel but they are seriously the best ever! Shes making Arroz Chaufa in this picture!
4. The three financiarios

Elder Kimberling, Elder Saez, Elder Zaugg