Saturday, June 3, 2017

Little Miracles

Soooo this week was pretty cool! First I want to start out with sharing a little miracle we experienced this week that honestly might not sound like a miracle but it was! We were walking to sleep in some other elders pension so we could go to the temple this morning and we were super hungry! A delivery man drives by super fast and 3 pizzas fall out of his cart.... hahahahaha we pick up the pizzas and have no idea what to do! We say a prayer and feel like we should wait for 10 mins to see if he comes back! We wait and nothing happens so we got 3 free pizzas for us and the 2 other elders we were sleeping with! Little miracles we recieve are the best hahahaha!

So this week was super normal to be hoenst! We changed the baptism for Bethania for the next saturday becasue its easier for her that day so I will keep you informed! 4 months in the same area as of now so im sorry about pictures but i didnt take any.... im terrible i know i apologize! I will try and find stuff to take pictures of this week!!!! 

Update on Lalo and Alicia, they told us that forsure they will be married before the 20th of June!!!  I know it was the 2nd originally but i feel like this time its legit! I am super excited about them! They are progressing a ton! They will have their baptismal interview in a week so thats exciting!!!

So i will really work on taking pics this next week for you guys! Please forgive me!! Love you ALL!!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

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