Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Share the Gospel with a Friend

Well you can tell from the title, I have an invitation for you all this week! :) I invite you all to read chapters 22 and 23 of Alma and then share your testimony with someone. These 2 chapters are about King Lamoni´s Father, the king of all the Lamanites. From this 1 persons conversion, many more were brought to the knowledge of Jesus Chist. So this is the invitation, share your testimony, you never know how many people that 1 testimony can touch!

Well now to the week, blessing DO come when we wait with patience! This sunday we had 7 investigadors at church! Not 1 not 2 not 3.... but 7!!!! And 4 of the have baptismal interviews tomorrow and a date to be baptized this sunday so I will keep you all in the loop! But please pray for them all this week! Their names are Brian, an 18 year old who is such a sick guy! and 3 kids of Lalo and Alicia, Lalito, 12, Luz, 10, Fernando, 8!

Its been a little chilly in Carlos Paz latly which is a little weird and I love it!!!! I have been able to wear comfy sweters all week :) Not much else to say except I am looking forward to this upcoming Sunday!

I took qutie a bit of pictures this sunday so ill be sending them in the next email!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

 Alicia and Luz making a book of the things we have taught them

 Made a sexy omelet!
 Lalo and Alicia, Lalito 12, Luz 10, Fernando 8

my drawing for the week :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Downs and Downs and then Ups and Ups

Well I know the last few emails have all been about Lalo and Alicia and their family but Im sorry this one will probably be too :)

Well first with the downs... so we pass by their house early sunday morning to bring them to church with us (Lalo Alicia and their 4 kids Lalo,Luz, and Fernando and Yago) and Lalo and alicia were fighting..... it was super sad because all the kids wanted to go to church but the argument was super bad and over such a stupid thing. We were so confused on why when we worked so hard this week we didnt see the success we thought we should have gotten.. We were quite depressed when we got to church to be honest. And then to make it worse Sonia didnt show up to church either... 0 investigators at church and on Easter.... Super sad day.. but our attitude got turned around super quick after church!

We show up to a members house for lunch and she had forgoten about us... but they were cooking an Asado so we had a surpise ASADO!!!! Surprise for us and surprise for the members hahahaha! It was sooo good! I do love asados so much! So this was the first (very small) up that we expierenced this day. We were still a little dissapointed obviously.

The next day we go to Lalo^s house and instantly they were changed back to their normal selfs! They werent fighting and were super happy! We had an awesome lesson and committed their 3 kids that can be baptized to be baptized in 2 sundays!!! And Lalo and Alicia told us they are taking out their turn to be married tomorrow!!! So you can imagine i was on cloud 9 during this lesson!!! The spirit was so strong and I just know they will baptized soon! If its not by me because of the wait for marriage so be it, i dont care I just want them to experience the blessings of this gospel!

Well I am sorry that this email is super long and probably a little boring but ya that was the week! I learned a lot of things especially that even we we work our hardest, we are still going to experience set backs and hardships but if we put out faith in the lord, we will always be moving forward! Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

1-2: The Surpise Asado!!!! Dont worry I ate a LOT more meat than that hahaha :)
3: My chocolate easter egg! :)
4. Alicia started writing a book on all the things we have taught them!! I know the picture is super bad but it has pictures on each page and she wrote a ton too! She has filled around 20 pages now!!! Shes so awesome hahaha! :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cordoba, Cordoba, y Cordoba again...

Well yah the title says it all! We traveled into the city a bunch this week.... On tuesday for Pday to play soccer, on wednessday for a district meeting, on friday for a conference that was from 9-330 in the afternoon, and an open house on saturday from 4-830! Tons of trips to cordoba hahaha!

So ya we worked as hard as we could the time that we were in Carlos Paz this week and it was awesome! As always we taught some super fun lessons and Lalo and Alicia are progressing a ton!!! They came to church again! That is 4 weeks in a row with investigadors at church! So awesome!!!! We neeed to marry them still so thats the next mountian we have to climb! Pray for them if you can!! 

Trasfer 2 is offically over!!! This means no more training! Super excitied to be done now! And, we found out on saturday, Elder Duran and I are both staying in Carlos Paz!!!! Super excitied for one more transfer in Carlos Paz! The people here are so awesome I love them so much!!!

Well i love you all! Write me!!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

 From luz the hija de Lalo
 Little sunburnt!

 Gaga's package got here!  Her way works!!!! (hand delivered)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

1st General Conferance in the mission!

Wow let me start out by saying General Conference is AMAZAING!!!!! Especially in the mission field! Its like the world cup but on steroids and it happens twice a year!!!!!! Què Capo!!!! (How Dope) This was a weird conference for the fact that I watched both Sunday Sessions alone since I was the only person watching in English haha! It was different but it really allowed me to focus and gain so much from all the talks! Well honestly im not sure which talk was my favorite because so many were amazing! I did love the talk by President Monson! It was short but so powerful! The testimony of the Prophet of our Heavenly Father. If anyone is struggling with their testimony or wants to gain a testimony watch this talk!!!!! There is one easy step, Read the Book of Mormon. This church only stands because of this book. Everything we believe and stand for is because of this book. If you want a testimony, read it with a sincere heart with the desire to really know and then pray and ask God if its true! I know without a doubt in my mind that its true from the feelings I get when I read it and the feelings I get when I testify of it!

There were many more amazing talks this conference as well! As a missionary the talk by Juaquin E. Coasta was one of my favorites because it is for investigators of the church!!! So powerful! We had 2 investigators at conference at the sunday afternoon session Lalo and Alicia but unfortunaly they arrived just after he finished talking. They did love conference though and want to be married so they can be baptized and with their children be sealed for eternity! They are super awesome! On Monday we took this talk over to their house and watched it with them and it brought Alicia to tears! The spirit is so powerful I love it! 

Other stuff happened this week too but nothing can compare to the joy I recieved from General Conference! There were talks for everyone. For families, investigators, less actives, and strong active members in the church! Something I have to look forward to this week is an ASADO this saturday so ill make sure to take some pictures for you all for next week! 

Love you all so much! If you have any questions or are wanting a certain talk about a certain topic send me an email and ill make sure to help you find the best talk for you!

Con Amor,

Elder Zaugg

1. Elder Duran took a little swim in the river while walking to lunch haha. Hard to see but his pants are soaked!
2. A huge storm hit cordoba and the river was sooooo full and running so fast! This was on friday and the real strom hit saturday and sunday so it was actually way worse than this i just dont have a pictures haha.
3. My desk and tv watching conference all alone! :) And ues that is an empty bag of cookies that I ate all by my self! :)
4. My Pokemon drawings for Clayton!