Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We recieve blessings when we need them!

So this week I was blessed with such a great experience with the gift of tounges. On wednesday we were doing intercambios again. I was with elder Brady who only has 3 weeks in the mission. So obviously neither of us know the language that well lol! Well we had 2 really importatnt lessons that needed to go well and i was super nervous lol! Well Heavenly Father really blessed me this day with the gift of tounges! In both lessons i was able to understand and teach according to their needs by the spirit! It was so awesome!

The 2nd lesson really was the crazy lesson tho. "L.l." and "A" are 2 of our investigators who we have been teaching for a while now. When E. Brady and I arrived they were in a huge fight.... He didnt want any more to do with the church bc of what his wife had been doing. Apparently she has a problem with lying to him and he was super angry. Well I talked to him without his wife for about 30 mins and calmed him down which was a miracle that i understood him bc usually i do not understand him when he talks. The spirit really helped me there! Then i talked to her for 30 mins without Lalo to get the whole story then talked to them both! The whole time E. Brady just chilled there bc he had no idea what was going on hahahahahaha! The next hour or so i talked to the both of them and basically told them straigt up what they need to do to strengthen their realtionship and to overcome satan in their lives. When we finally left, "L" again wanted to learn more and their relationship was a ton better! I am so thankful for the help of the spirit during this 2 hour lesson bc without it i would not have understood anything. Now they want to be married and be baptized!

Basically what I am tyring to say is that in our lives we have trials and problems but I testify that when we need the help from our Heavenly Father, he will always,without a doubt, be there to pick us up or get us through a trial. This is a promise that if we rely on him we will never be alone!

More happened this week but this letter is already super long so love you all! 
Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

1. Good ole lake
2. E. Duran and Jesus Christ
3. A dog pissed on my shoe when i wasnt paying attention to it hahahahaha.

4. Made Banana bread with mama salgado and it was sooooo good!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekly Update Thingy

Well this week was pretty great! It started out with intercambios! This is where we switch companions for a day to learn from someone new! It was awesome! I was with E. Frankom. He is our district leader and is super awesome! It was fun to serve in a different area for a day with someone new and it made me realize, wow carlos paz is soooooo big!!!! Hahahaha their area is tiny lol! 

This week we had 2 investigators at church which was awesome! Sonya, who could be baptized this saturday if she wanted to, at the moment she doesnt think she is ready, and cibele who honestly we havent even taught yet because her husbad is crazy and doesnt like us lol!
I am really hoping to have some awesome lessons with Sonya this week and prepare her for baptism!

Unfortunatley Lalo and Alicia did not come to church this week which was weird... they had something random pop up... ( Stupid Satan) but this next week we will make sure they come!

This week what i learned is that Heavenly Father rewards hard work! Yesterday i was super sick and honestly wanted to just sleep the whole day. But i worked through it and we ended up finding 7 new people to teach and a few of them seem like solid investigators. Obviously none of the couple are married which is the worst but we will work on it lol! But yah even when we are having one of our worst day, if we work hard and rely on our Heavenly Father, he will always help us and give us success!

Tomorrow we are doing intercambios again and this time i will be with a different gringo, elder brady, who had 1 trasfer less than me! Yes this is his first trasfer in the field... he doesnt know spanish at all lol! and i still am not very good at spanish so tomorrow will be interesting hahaha! Pray for us lol! Love you all!

Con Amor,

Elder Zaugg

1 and 2 are with elder Frankom in his area! 

3. Always exploring :)

Finally cold enough for this guy!!! (thank you Gaga!)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Miracles and Blessings

Wow was this week awesome! Honestly, the week was pretty normal, a lot of walking, a lot of talking, and a lot of sweating lol! But what was awesome was sunday!

So it started with saturday after lunch! I decided to fast for a few things. 1 was to have investigators at church but specifically 3 investigators at church and also to have 2 less active members that we have been teaching come to church as well. Well sunday came and i was praying so hard for these things. We are waiting in the church building about 15 mins before sacrament and in walks Lalo!!!!!!! Oh my gosh my smile was soooo big when i saw him!!! Finally for the first time in 6 weeks we had an investigator at church! And he didnt just come alone but with his wife/girlfriend ( We need to get them married lol) But look, thats 2 investigators! We showed them both the chapple and the font and the pictures and they loved it all! The spirt was so stong! They loved sacrament and the feeling inside the building! It was awesome! But lets back up 2 weeks real fast. Elder Alvarez and I, my last comp, promised "L" that if he read, prayed and came to church, he would soon recieve job offers bc he has been looking for a long time. After church this sunday he recieved 3, not 1, not 2, but 3 job offers!!!!! Blessings are seriously so awesome! And it is a promise that we will recieve them after we act in faith! He was seiously sooooo happy in our lesson with him yesterday that he said he know wants to be married, start praying as a family with his kids, and come to a dance for couples at the church this next friday!!! I am so happy to keep teaching them and help them change their lives!

So back to church! Out of no where, a 2 couples walk in. 2 of them are members and the other is inactive and his wife isnt a member. But we did not know her, or the members who live in cordoba, an hour away. But there she is, "C", our 3rd investigator at church. we will start teaching her this week!!

Also, 2 less active members, that we really havent been teaching, showed up to church this sunday! We invited them both but werent really focusing on them and the both came! Both of my prayers were answered! I have a stong testimony that God does listen to our prayers and that he answers them! Usually it isnt as specific as this but he will answer them when we have faith!

I know that if you have a question you want answered or want certain blessing in life all you have to do is ask for them! Our Heavenly Father loves us and wants to bless us as long as we do what he asks! That is read the scriptures every day, pray morning and night, and attend church on sunday! I love you all and am so thankful for all your examples to me in my life!

Con Amor,

Elder Zaugg

This district and a bunch of other stuff in carlos paz lol!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


So as you all know, I have not had much success here lately... But that is about to change! I hope lol! Elder Duran and I are working so hard here its crazy! We work way harder than I worked last transfer and its so awesome! We both want success so bad! At the moment we have a few progressing investigators but none that have been coming to church. But we really think this is going to change this sunday!! I am super excited for this week to get out and teach people! 

Something super fun that we did this week which was a little different for me was we blessed the area! We found a tower on a super tall hill and climbed it and said a prayer to bless the area! It was seriously so awesome! I  have some pictures but unfortunately i forgot my cord for my camera today.... so i will send them to my mom and she can put them on my blog and i will send them next week!

Something i learned this week that i love is the true joy we get from the Atonement. I have read this story a ton of times, Alma 36 when Alma is talking about his conversion story to his son. In verse 20 he talks about the true joy that comes after we repent and rely on christ. I have known this my whole mission. But when teaching Walter and Nora this week, I shared this scripture. The spirit was so strong and I was smiling so big the whole time. I cant help but smile when I read about this because it is so true. We can all receive receive the most perfect form of joy when use the atonement of Jesus Christ!

We went to the temple today which was so awesome but like i said i cant send pictures... But i love you all! Hope everything is going well for all of you! I pray for you all every night! 

Con Amor,

Elder Zaugg