Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Wow this week was so awesome! I love the christmas time! Its such a feeling of love and happiness! This christmas was definitly different! Mostly because its just 110 degrees here and not cold... But also becasue im in Argentina and not the states! This Christmas time I learned something really important about the world! A lot of people dont have money to buy all the Christmas presents, have a huge party, or really celebrate exactly how they want but what I did learn is that regardless of these things, they were still happy! Christmas is to celebrate the life of our Savior Jesus Christ and spend time with all of our loved ones! And that is exactly what made my Christmas the best thing ever!

My Christmas call was so awesome! I loved talking to my fam and seeing all of their faces! I realized that my family is perfect for me! I can just talk and die laughing with them forever! I love my family! I also loved listening to other elders talk to their families and share their love for them. One elder talking with his mom really touched me! Elder Hidalgo is a convert and the only member is his family! When he was talking to his mom, I felt the spirit so strong! He began to share his testimony of Jesus Christ with pure love for his mom! Becasue he knows this message is true and he wants his mom to know and feel it too. I know that if we show true love for others, they will be able to feel the love Christ has them. I learned this super powerfully today. Teaching with Love is the only way to actually let the Spirit in. The Holy Ghost teaches and speaks through love. I know that Jesus Christ loves all of us and I hope you all felt a little of this love this Christmas holiday. I hope we can all show a little more love for the people we come in contact with each and every day! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One good week (12/19/17)

Well lets just say this week me Elder Zaugg one very happy Elder Zaugg :)

So to start out, trasfers are this week! And a change is happening.... I AM TRAINING IN THE OFFICE!!!! My new comp is going to be Elder Stapp who is from my group! Hes super dope! I am so excited! Its going to be soooo fun! Not going to lie, im going to miss being comps with Elder Vaz! Hes been the sickest guy ever! Ive loved the 2 trasfers we have had together! But I am super ready to train a new elder to replace me so that I can get back out into the field!!

Not only was this great but a few more things happened which were sweet! We did a temple trip with Familia Frontera! Hermana Frontera came and all of her kids and 2 of her neighbors! It was so awesome! We took a lap around the temple and tried to enter but the temple was having an electricity problem... which kinda stunk but something great came from it! So right before we left I ask Hermana Frontera to come with me to the door of the temple. Even tho we couldnt enter we sat there looking into the temple in silence for 5-10 mins. The spirit was so strong! I could just feel how bad she wants to be sealed with her family in this temple! It really was an awesome experiance! 

To top off this wonderful week we had 2 Baptisms! Eugenia and her daughter Victoria! The service really was the greatest thing ever! Eugenia was so happy you could see a light glowing inside of her! Victoria is such a sweetheart too! Shes 8 years old and had the biggest smile when she came out of the water! It was such an amazing experiance today to bapitzed 2 more with Elder Vaz on our last Sunday together as comps! 

Well that was the awesome week! I love you guys so much and hope you all have a wonderful week!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

 A huge wind storm! 
 Eugina's baptism

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Season of Jesus Christ

You learn something knew everyweek! And sometimes you have to learn the same thing multiple times until you actually understand  what you were learning. Well this totally happened to me this week!

So this Friday my zone had a zone activity in our Church building with all of our investigators in each of our areas! The activity started out amazing with Vaz and I brining 20 people to the activity! 18 of them were families that we are teaching and 2 were members that are so awesome! So wow we had a really good turn up! The activity was about Jesus Christ and the real meaning of Christmas! We watched a few videos about Jesus which really broght the spirit! Then we had everyone go up to the front of the room and say what they were going to give to Jesus this chirstmas time! Many said things like their love, patience, forgivness of others, their time, ect... and it was so awewsome to hear everything that the kids wanted to give to Jesus Christ this Christmas time! So Friday i left the activity on a Spiritual High forsure!

Then on Saturday I had interviews with President and the asistentes. When i was with the asistents Elder Da Silva bore his testimony on the time in the mission that really touched me! I have always know that the mission time is short but it really hit me in this interview with Elder Da Silva.

So then finally on Sunday we were in church and we have finally started singing Christmas Hyms! And seriously i have never felt so happy and so loved during a Sacrament Meeting. I am now looking at the mission with completly different eyes. I know that Jesus Christ loves me, suffered for me, and died for me. For that reason, I am here in the mission to serve him and my Heavenly Father. I know my time here is short and am so excited to serve for the next year and be able to feel this Spirit and love that I have been feeling! 

So basically what I learned once again this week is that Jesus Christ loves us. He loves us so much that he gave up everything for us! If we rely on him, he will help us, comfort us, and show us the way to be happy! I know that if we follow the comandments and the path that Jesus showed us, we will be happy! A happiness that is eternal. A happiness that is real. I love this gospel so very much and hope you all can feel the love of Jesus Christ too during this special season of Christmas!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Miracle Week

This week was one AMAZING week!!!!!! We were just thrown Miracle left and right, let me tell you!

So let me start with miracle uno! So Kevin Cabrera, a kid that we have been teaching, got baptized this last Saturday! So on Thursday we went, Elder Rahm and I, to his house to have his interview for his baptism! Not only did he know everything perfectly but one of his friends was there and while Elder Rahm was in the interview, I taught this friend, Benjamin, a lesson and he loved it! He then said he wanted to come to the baptism of Kevin on Saturday! So Saturday came around and not only him but his other friend, also Benjamin, came to the baptism and loved it a ton! They both want to be baptized together on the 10th of December! And they both came to church on Sunday and loved church so they are just all about it right now! :) So yah Miracle uno was a baptism with 2 friends that now want to be baptized as well! 

Miracle dos: So Sunday was just full of miracles! Elder Vaz and I brought 8 investigators to church and in total 16 if you count the kids that are not 8 yet or the parents are members that we are re activating! Our ward had 97 members! We are getting super close to 100 :) So we also had a baptism Sunday of Jeremias! He is a 9 year old kid we have been teaching for around a month now! He is seriously so awesome! Love him so much! His baptism went amazing! And he liked it so much he even started to swim in the font afterwards hahaha it was pretty funny! But thats just part of the miracle! After his baptism Jeremias's sister and friend, Macarena and Tamara, came up to me and told me they loved the baptism and want to be baptized this next Sunday! So that is two more people that want to baptized! We are super happy here in Villa Belgrano! :)

So basically this week was a miracle week and Vaz and I are 2 happy missionarys! :) 

I want to promise you all that when you do your part, Heavenly Father will see your effort and give you success! This is not just in his work but in our normal lives as well! For tests for school (Chloe Lucy Clayton and many more lol) for work, and for anything else that we are doing here in the life! I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us! He only wants us to succeed but sometimes we need to have some dificulties first. But i know if we suffer through our difficulties with pacience, the blessings and success will come everytime! 
Here is a scpirture I really love! Feel free to switch your name with the name of Shiblon to make this scipture more personal! 
Alma 38: 5
And now my son, Shiblon, I would that ye should remember, that as much as ye shall put your trust in God even so much ye shall be delivered out of your trials, and your troubles, and your afflictions, and ye shall be lifted up at the last day.
Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

 Had my first audit, and this man did audits with Brody as well back in Paraguay