Monday, August 14, 2017

Another Great Week! 8 months out!!!

Well this week was another great week here in Argentina! The area ia super dope and we have a bunch of success lessons wise! Its awesome! But like always its hard to get people to come to church....

So something happened this past week with Eugenia... her cousin showed her a video on youtube comparing the book of mormon with the bible and basically said how the book of mormon is false and now she has a bunch of doubts.... it was super lame becuse it just happened to be 2 days before the baptism of her daughter Agustina... But we are now working with her mom and trying to fix this problem that the cousin caused...

Also we had a baptism planned with Felipe, the 66 year old man we have been teaching! And saturday night he was thinking and now he also has doubts about baptism. One night before his baptism... so now we are also working with him to fix his doubts and help him start in this path this next sunday!

So this pday we went to Cosquin to hike a mountain called Pan de Azucar or Sugar Bread... hahaha not sure why its called that but it is! It was super fun! Its crazy how fast this trasfer flew by! Trasfers are already this next saturday.... super loco!

Well i love you all! Feel free to hit me up with and email haha talk to you all soon! :)

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

​2 Pdays ago we went to Casa Bamba and hiked to a waterfull which was super dope! Some pics from that excursion haha

 ​Pictures at the top of Pan de Azucar!
1. With Elder Rahm whos cousins live in the same street as my grandparents so thats dope!
2. Elder Gneck! Dopest comp ever!
3. The cross at the top!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Yes i love the new area and i love my new comp! Elder Gneck is super awesome!!! ITs super fun to have a new compe and to learn how each other teach amd work together to help other peple understand more about christ and his plan for us in this life! The new area is alittle dangerous from what ive heard from other missionaries and the members but i havent noticied anything yet haha! So far im still good! :)

I feel like we are basically starting out fresh in this new area! My comps last comp didnt work super hard and they didnt have any investigadors so we are searching for a bunch of news and people to help! Its a little hard to start like this but its pretty fun! So far we have found a few super sweet people but I dont know much about them yet so Ill keep you informed in the future!

So we have one investigador for you to keep in your prayers,  Ariel! Dont want to leak any info about him at the moment bc its still super new to teaching him dhahaha but yup! Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Well yes it finally happened folks! After 6 wonderful months in Carlos Paz I am leaving my first area! My new area will be San Carlos (still got Carlos in the name so I guess my first son will be Carlos) San Carlos is in the captial of Cordoba so that will be fun! I honestly know nothing about the area yet so im super excited! My comp is Elder Gnech! Hes from Arizona as well and also has only 6 months in the mission! We were in the MTC together!!! So this is going to be super fun!!! I am super excited to work in a new area and with Elder Gnech!!!

Awesome experience from this week!!!  So i was sitting in a bus reading and i just had a bad feeling in my body. I felt guilty for something a long time ago and basically Satan was just trying to mess with my head. But I decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to take away this pain I was feeling. I really wanted to feel the "peace" that I have told every person in Argentina comes from the Atonement of Jesus Christ! So I asked for exactly that. To feel that peace and immediatly I felt it! I could no longer feel the pain I was feeling just a few seconds before. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ took away my pain and I know they will do the same for you all! I know that the Atonement is for our sins and also for our pains and challenges in our life! If we just look unto Christ he will take away our pains! 

I want to invite you all to read Alma 36 verses 12-21! I love this chapter so much and is something like I experienced and I know you can all experience the same!!! 

I am super excited to work in a new area now and start basically from Scratch! Love you all! 

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

NO pics No camera yet :(

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The good weeks and the bad weeks...

Well i guess its true, you have your good weeks and your bad weeks! This week was a bad week for sure!!!!!!!!

It started out with Elder Duran being super sick this whole week!!! We didnt work tuesday, left the pension for 4 hours on wednesday then returned back to the hosue, didnt work thursday and finally worked friday! IT sucks being in the pension sick this much in a week!!!! And thats not all. Oh not even close to all!! THERES MORE :)
So you know those 4 hours that we left the house on wednesday?? Well yah in those 4 hours people broke into our house and robbed us... we think they were wathcing us for a while now because they happened to know exactly when we werent in the house... super lame! They stole my Camera which is the absoulute worst! My speaker which is super lame, both pairs of soccer cleats i had, one from the united states and the other that Lalo gave to me as a gift! That was super sucky and telling him was super hard! We were both super sad!!! ANd then they stole quite a bit of money... SO ya we had a rough week....

But to talk about the good!!(Always have to think positivley) Bethania went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead!!!! 2 weeks after her baptism and she was already in the temple!!! Sooooo cool!!!! And we got the opportunity to go with her!!!!! it was sooooo dope!!!!!! FIrst time for me baptizing in the temple, confirming in the temple, and being a witness as well!  Super awesome experience!!!!!

Well ill try my best to have a better week for you all haha! Trasfers are the next week so ill let you know where I go! (Im pretty sure I will be leaving Carlos Paz after these amazing 6 months.....) Love you all! Obviously dont have any pictures.... sorry all!
Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Got to see MTC companion and roomate!!  Elder Rogerson and Elder Hansen ... just missing Elder Man :(

Tuesday, June 20, 2017



We have been working with Sonia since week number 1 with Elder Duran! 4 months now and wow this was such a great blessing to finally be able to baptized her and help her make this covenant with our Father in Heaven! I was so happy to be able to teach her for such a long time and help her along the way! 

This week we had a conference of all 6 zones of Cordoba! It was so fun to see tons of missionaries! Like Elder Rogerson from my room in the MTC!!!!! He has been super far away from Cordoba this whole time so it was the first time I saw him in almost 5 months! missed that guy hahaha! Also got to see a bunch of other elders that ive become great friends with these past 5 months! Its crazy to see how close you get to people when all of you are doing the same great work of helping others come to Christ!!!

Well to be honest besides the Baptism the week was super normal! It has been absolutly freezing here tho which is super weird to me! its been around 30 degrees but it feels like 0 degrees because of the humidity! It honestly sucks so bad hahahaha! But who doesnt like waking up icycles outside the house without a decent heater inside the house hahaha! All we have is a tiny portable heater that heats up about a square foot of the room LOL!!! Super dope haha! Love you All!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


6 MONTHS!!!!!! Yes this last wednesday i completed 6 months in the mission!!!! Super crazy to think about that! Already one 4th of the way completed with my mission. Super crazy how fast time goes by! And for my 6 meses I burned a tie which was super fun!! But yah thats how my week started out and it just got better!!!

BAPTISM FOR BETHANIA!!!!!! This week was super awesome!!!! Bethania was baptized on saturady and the service was great! So only 4 members showed up.... but an investigator came too and she felt the spirit super strong which was awesome!!! The spirit was amazing before, during, and after the ordenance! Seeing success in the mission makes every hard long day worth it!!

We are having another baptism this friday for Sonia! So a little more about Sonia, she has been investigating the church for 9 years and basically all her family are members. So yes we are super excited for her to finally accept this message and make a change in her life! 

Funny story of the week!!!!
Sorry mom this story might embarrass you a little but but it was super funny for elder duran and I! So we were in a super dope lesson this last week with a family we are teaching! Coming to the end of the lesson the grandma gets up from the table super fast! And in perfect silence, she lets out a loud 2 second fart..... all of us in the room just stare and are silent.... the grandma turned around and ran as fast as she could out of the room without saying a thing... Elder Duran and I and the 2 daughters in the room all started dying laughing! It was super funny and also super sad for the abuela hahahaha! but yah pretty funny for us!

Love you all! Talk to you all next week!!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

 6 month tie burning


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Voice of the Spirit

So this week we had a very crazy experience!!!! We have been teaching the wife of a member in the ward for 4 months now trying to prepare her for baptism. Sonia, and she has been super stubborn the entire time! She wants to get baptized but she always has had this doubt about the book of mormon... We have explained so many times how she can get her answer she just has never done it...

But this Sunday we have a lesson with her and we start reading Chapter 29 of 2 Nefi which talks about the importance of the Bible and the Book of mormon. Randomly during reading the chapters she says, "Elder Zaugg, you said there was a scripture in the >Bible that talks about another book with the words of God?" I never said anything of the sort but said, ok sure ya there is in Ezekiel 37:15-17 and we read this with here and explained it!
She understood it perfectly! it was awesome! We then continue reading the chapter in 2 Nefi and in the middle of reading of verse she stops, looks at her calender, and says, "But I cant be baptized the 10th." This totally caught us off guard! We werent talking anything about baptism or anything! Then she says, " But i could be baptized the 16th!" We were so shocked! My smile on my face was HUGE!!!!!! No one in the room mentioned or invited her to be baptized and we never mentioned this date when we have been with her... Later after this lesson Elder Duran and I are talking and we are convinced that she heard the voice of the Lord. The Holy Ghost literally spoke to her and gave her this date to be baptized and she thought that we had said it! The power of the Holy Ghost is real and is the only way one can really be converted to this Gospel!

So ya this was the best experience of the week for me here in Argentina! Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Rugby on Pday

ELDER MOONEYHAM- we made some bomb pancakes because we slept in same pension last night. He was in the MTC with me
Cactus remind me of Arizona


Elder Duran hits the 1 year mark.  Shirt Burning

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Little Miracles

Soooo this week was pretty cool! First I want to start out with sharing a little miracle we experienced this week that honestly might not sound like a miracle but it was! We were walking to sleep in some other elders pension so we could go to the temple this morning and we were super hungry! A delivery man drives by super fast and 3 pizzas fall out of his cart.... hahahahaha we pick up the pizzas and have no idea what to do! We say a prayer and feel like we should wait for 10 mins to see if he comes back! We wait and nothing happens so we got 3 free pizzas for us and the 2 other elders we were sleeping with! Little miracles we recieve are the best hahahaha!

So this week was super normal to be hoenst! We changed the baptism for Bethania for the next saturday becasue its easier for her that day so I will keep you informed! 4 months in the same area as of now so im sorry about pictures but i didnt take any.... im terrible i know i apologize! I will try and find stuff to take pictures of this week!!!! 

Update on Lalo and Alicia, they told us that forsure they will be married before the 20th of June!!!  I know it was the 2nd originally but i feel like this time its legit! I am super excited about them! They are progressing a ton! They will have their baptismal interview in a week so thats exciting!!!

So i will really work on taking pics this next week for you guys! Please forgive me!! Love you ALL!!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, May 23, 2017



HAHAHAHAHAH nothing changed..... yup still all the same here!!! I am still in my first area Carlos Paz with Elder Duran haha! One more trasfer in this beautiful area!!! And im stoked because I will get to see Lalo and Alicia Married and Baptized! Still not sure when that is going to be.... hahaha argentines are very bad with plans lol!

But we recieved a huge miracle this last week!! We recieved a reference of a lady named Bethania and the very next day she came to church. We didnt visit her, all we did was call her on the phone and she came. And now she is going to be baptized in 2 saturdays! I have a stong testimony that our Heavenly Father has been preparing her for this moment for a while now and is still preparing more people for me in my mission! But honestly this was such a blessing. It isnt common to have an investigador who knows as much and has such a desire like her shes super dope!

Ill keep you in the lupe on her progress and the other people as well! Sorry but i dont have any pictures from this week... but i have so from the last pday when we played soccer with a bunch of elders that im going to send! Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Well first yes we had 2 more baptisms this saturday!!! Fernando and Lucio!!!!! It was so awesome!!!! I seriously loved the serivce and the spirit was so strong!!!!! And to top off this weekend, MOTHERS DAY!!!!! Wow talking with the family was serioulsy soooooo fun!!! We were laughing the whole time i loved it! I thought it was going to make me pretty home sick but it really didnt! It was so awesome tho! I got to talk to brody for the first time since last mother day.... a whole year!!! Wow i missed that guy!! Hes so dope!!! What a great example to me!!!!!

But yah about the baptisms, these are the other 2 kids of Lalo and Alicia so all thats lacking now is Lalo and Alicia!!!! I love this family so much and just want to see them get married and baptized!!!! But they do have a turn for the 2nd of June so ill keep you updated on that! Im worried I will not be in Carlos Paz much longer bc transfers are this next week! We find out on saturday what is going to happen but it is quite likely that i leave my first area.... :( 

Funny story of the week.... So we were walking down a pretty steep hill in Carlos Paz and there was a woman riding a bike up this hill. She was going super slow bc the hill is a little steep an all. So we are just chilling and all of a sudden a large cargo truck passes bc start going up this large hill. In order to make it up the hill the truck flores the gas super hard for like 15 seconds. The entire time, the exhaust is shooting out the thickest cloud of black smoke! And this entire time, the truck was alongside this lady riding the bike! So for 15 seconds this lady was in the middle of this thick cloud of black smoke!!!! and im not kidding it was thick! We could not even see the woman. It was honestly the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time Elder Duran and I were dying laughing for some good time hahahahahaha! We felt kinda bad for the woman but cmon the experience was hilarious hahahaha!

Well thats the week for me! love you all!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


We finally saw the success this last Saturday!! We baptized Luz and Braian!!!!! It was super awesome!!!!! The spirit was sooooo strong it was the best thing ever!! I have been waiting for 3 months for this success so you can bet I am a little happy right now :)
We also have another baptism for Fernando and Lucio this upcoming saturday so im super excited!!! The mission really is such a great experience!!! Praying super hard every day to see success and baptize converts into the church and then finally seeing the success 3 months later! 

But yah this week was super awesome because of this weekend! We are working hard everyday to prepare more people for baptism as well! So crazy story, thrusday this week we had intercambios and Elder Muena and I were in Carlos Paz. We knocked on this door and the old mother told us to come back the next day to talk to her daughter, Maria Jose. And yes for some reason her 2nd name is Jose, dont ask me why hahaha. But we pass by the next day with Elder Duran and it turns out that a month before we had boughten bread from Maria Jose on the corner of the street and she remembered us and invited us in. We had a super great lesson with her and one of her relatives and she was super receptive to the gospel! We left her with the book of mormon and she is reading! Its crazy to see how a month before Hevenly Father was preparing her to talk with us now. I am excited to see where this goes with her! We have only really had 1 lesson with her so we still dont know much but yah that was pretty cool about this week!

Well i love you all so much!!! Congrats to my big bro on serving his mission and returning home proud!!!! You rock Brody! You are such a great example to me!!! Have an amazing week everyong! Talk to you next week!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

Luz and Brian got baptized!!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Just one more week!

Ok so we did not have baptisms this weekend but its okay!! We have the baptisms for Luz, Braian, y Jorge planned for this weekend! Luz on saturday and Brian and Jorge for Sunday!!! So ya this next week is going to be awesome!!

This week we went to the temple with Brian and Jorge to show them the outside and the waiting room inside the temple! The spirit was sooooo stong and the both loved it so much!!! I could honeslty feel the Peace that was in the air and inside the temple! This was a super cool experiance for me!! Brian really is so awesome!! He told his whole family how awesome the Temple was!! Then the next day, sunday, he brought Jorge and 3 other members of his family to church!!!! Hes already being a missionary lol! But yah we had 9 investigadors at church!!! Lalo and Alicia started their marriage process!!!! So its only a matter of time for them! It will probably be after this trasfer so it will be most likely that I will not be in Carlos Paz for their Baptism but we will see. 

The reason we are only baptizing Luz this saturday is bc the other 2 kids, Lalito and Fernando didnt attend church bc Lalo didnt have money for all the family to attend... but they will attend this next sunday and be baptized the following satuday is the plan!!!! 

So a thing I learned this week is how important Faith really is. Faith is a power, an actual force of the universe, that even Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father follow! And with our faith, we can recieve what ever thing we need in our lives as long as we are righteous and have a righteous desire for this blessing! We are obligated so recieve what we ask for through our faith!

Love you all so much! Pray for our investigadors por favor!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

1-3: Pictures from the temple with Brian and Jorge!! And the missionary that baptized Elder Duran 3 years ago hahah super cool!
2. We had a pollo disco competition yesterday in the church with the whole ward and our investigadors! It was super awesome and the food was soooo good!!
3. For Pday we had our own little ASADO!!!!! Sorry but the foto was aftermath of the actual asado... i was too anxious to eat to take a picture during.... lol!!!