Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Yes i love the new area and i love my new comp! Elder Gneck is super awesome!!! ITs super fun to have a new compe and to learn how each other teach amd work together to help other peple understand more about christ and his plan for us in this life! The new area is alittle dangerous from what ive heard from other missionaries and the members but i havent noticied anything yet haha! So far im still good! :)

I feel like we are basically starting out fresh in this new area! My comps last comp didnt work super hard and they didnt have any investigadors so we are searching for a bunch of news and people to help! Its a little hard to start like this but its pretty fun! So far we have found a few super sweet people but I dont know much about them yet so Ill keep you informed in the future!

So we have one investigador for you to keep in your prayers,  Ariel! Dont want to leak any info about him at the moment bc its still super new to teaching him dhahaha but yup! Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Zaugg

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